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Six Or Three Months- How Often Should you Get Dental Cleanings

Seeing your friend go for a dental cleaning every four months, makes you wonder should you also do the same. What you need to know is the frequency of how often you should get cleaning by a general dentist is determined by the health of your gums and level of build-up that you get.

Hence, there is no one-size fits all approach for your dental hygiene.

A patient with healthy, pink and stippled gum tissues and minimal build-up (plaque), would need cleaning every six months, it’s a no brainer. Having said that someone who gets a lot of tartar build-up may still be fine with six-month cleaning schedule.

If you have pockets that allow build-up to enter below the gums you are most likely not eligible for six month cleaning and need more frequent cleanings, in every 3-4 months.

Can you graduate back to six months cleaning schedule by changing some gum habits at home? The answer is, it depends.

If in the past you have had visited your Coaldale dentist for deep cleaning or have gingivitis that can lead to periodontitis, then probably you need to stick to that three month cleaning schedule.

Those extra two cleanings a year are needed to maintain your gums. For patients with gum diseases, there can be bone loss, increasing the exposure of tooth surface area making it very hard to clean your teeth properly at home.

The main motto is to maintain the gums by slowing the progression of periodontal disease. The damage already done can’t be reversed but maintaining what the patient has is the best option to slow down the progression of aggressive gum disease.

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